Watches and Wonders 2023: Immersion into the heart of purism

At Parmigiani Fleurier, we redefine watchmaking with our dual pursuit of purism and innovation. Standing apart from the mainstream, we embrace rarity, meaning, form, and content, qualities inherent in all our new models showcased at Watches and Wonders 2023.

Explore our novelties and immerse yourself in the world of Parmigiani Fleurier, where time-honored tradition meets cutting-edge innovation.

TONDA PF Minute Rattrapante, a 2023 World Premiere

The TONDA PF Minute Rattrapante, a 2023 World Premiere is guided by the idea of reinterpreting one of the most common watchmaking functions while helping it evolve to become an absolute innovation. The basic premise: to perform the function usually operated by the graduated bezel on a diver’s watch via the movement itself. The result: user friendliness, excellent legibility and apparent simplicity right the way through to activating the function.

TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante, a 2022 World Premiere

In 2022, the TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante made a remarkable debut as a world premiere, redefining horological complications with its blend of purity, minimalism, and an innovative mechanism. This iconic timepiece returns in 2023, featuring an elegant 18ct rose gold case and a Milano blue dial adorned with a delicate barleycorn guilloché pattern.

TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante is a perfect instrument for globetrotters juggling time zones. There is nothing superfluous on this sleek and elegant model indicating only the hours – in home-time and local-time mode – and minutes.

TONDA PF Micro-Rotor

The TONDA PF Micro-Rotor laid the foundation for our brand’s core values – purity, refined minimalism, and discretion – which have characterized the entire TONDA PF collection since its launch in September 2021. Every model introduced by Parmigiani Fleurier since then has been inspired by this original matrix that defined the brand’s watchmaking principles.

Following the steel and platinum bezel version, and the 18ct rose gold variant, the iconic TONDA PF Micro-Rotor now evolves into an all-platinum edition, featuring a platinum case, bracelet, and dial. This exquisite timepiece is powered by the ultra-thin, 3mm self-winding Calibre PF703 movement with a platinum micro-rotor.

TONDA PF Flying Tourbillon

Discover the TONDA PF Tourbillon, a testament to Parmigiani Fleurier’s unparalleled craftsmanship and passion for blending tradition with innovation in the world of fine watchmaking.

The TONDA PF Tourbillon, where platinum takes center stage alongside one of the most prestigious Haute Horlogerie complications: the Tourbillon. Following the 2022 limited edition of 25 pieces, this year’s TONDA PF Tourbillon showcases a special feature: a Milano blue platinum dial, a signature color of Parmigiani Fleurier. The striking color choice accentuates the generous opening at 7 o’clock, inviting you to marvel at the perpetual motion of the regulating organ.

Joining the elite circle of iconic timepieces, the TONDA PF Flying Tourbillon is further accentuated by its intricately knurled and polished platinum bezel.

TONDA PF Chronographe Rattrapante

Discover the exquisite TONDA PF Chronographe Rattrapante, a timepiece that combines the art of Haute Horlogerie with a high-performance ‘machine’ concealed in 18ct rose gold. This manual-winding split-seconds chronograph, featuring two column-wheels, represents the pinnacle of exceptional watchmaking instruments and is powered by a movement beating at 5 Hz or 36,000 Vph.

The reinterpretation of this iconic model showcases an 18ct rose gold case and bracelet, accompanied by an additional alligator leather strap with a pin buckle. Admire the craftsmanship of the 18ct rose gold movement, adorned with the signature of Michel Parmigiani on the barrel, created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary.

An exceptional trilogy of platinum cultural calendars

Experience the unparalleled trilogy of time by Parmigiani Fleurier. Delve into the captivating realm of Parmigiani Fleurier as we introduce three extraordinary timepieces, each showcasing a distinctive calendar: Gregorian, Islamic, and Chinese. Made in platinum, this exceptional trilogy represents a confluence of cultures, civilizations, history, and unparalleled watchmaking expertise.

TONDA PF Gregorian Calendar

The TONDA PF Gregorian Calendar tells the story of Michel Parmigiani’s passion for dates, honoured by Calibre PF339 specially developed by the Manufacture and housing a retrograde annual calendar and a precision moon phase. Together, these two complications compose the TONDA PF Gregorian Calendar: a timepiece resolutely geared towards astronomy and reproducing the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun as well as in relation to the Moon.

TONDA PF Hijri Perpetual Calendar

The world of horological complications is virtually infinite. One of them is truly universal, rooted in every culture and mirroring civilisations: the calendar function. Parmigiani Fleurier presents the TONDA PF Hijri Perpetual Calendar.

The origins of this timepiece now appearing in a wristwatch version date back to 2011, with the launch of a table clock inspired by a pocket watch displaying an Arabic calendar that was restored in the Manufacture’s workshops. The expertise developed led the brand to develop the Hijri Islamic calendar in wristwatch form, a feat of miniaturisation that won the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) Innovation Prize.

TONDA PF Xiali Complete Chinese Calendar

The highly complex Chinese calendar is a combination of a solar and a lunar calendar, calculated separately and then synchronised. How is this done? By adding an extra lunar moth also called a leap or intercalary month. This 13th month is added approximately every three years to bring the two cycles back in sync. Finally, the Chinese calendar divides the solar year into 24 terms, or breaths, which symbolise the agricultural calendar.

The intercalary or leap month appears according to precise rules and is assigned the number of the month that preceded it. The calculations are complex but serve to keep track of the seasons and to set the Chinese New Year at the arrival of spring, which varies between between 21 January and 19 February in our calendar.

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