The Tonda PF Xiali Calendar through expert’s eyes

The Chinese calendar is one of the most comprehensive and scientific calendars in the world. Following the launch of the Tonda PF Xiali Calendar, we are glad to introduce two renowned watch collectors, connoisseur, and friends of the brand: Dr. Zhixiang Ding and Mr. David Chang for a deep dive into the Tonda PF Xiali Calendar.

We are extremely honored to have them talk about our masterpiece, focusing on the technical and cultural aspects and explaining the interpretation of time in the Chinese Culture. The Chinese calendar is an important aspect of Chinese culture and is deeply ingrained in the daily lives of its community. It’s a unique way of understanding time, and has a rich cultural heritage that has been passed down through generations.

Discover the history and cultural significance of the Chinese calendar, a truly unique way of reading time and synchronizing with lunar and solar cycle.

Dr. Zhixiang Ding is a renowned watch collector and a senior media expert in China. He is the Cultural Councilor of FHH and judge at GPHG. He is also the host of the publication of professional books and magazine such as “Chronos” and “Mytime”.

Mr. David Chang is a renowned watch collector and a professional in watch culture scholar in China. He is the founder of “Watchina” media channel. He was a member of the Watch Professional Committee of the China Cultural Relics Academy and participated at GPHG.

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