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Our after-sales service network

The Parmigiani Fleurier after-sales service ensures that the functions, accuracy and original lustre are restored on each and every watch that leaves its workshops. The watchmakers in this department, wherever they may be in the world, have all been trained in Fleurier to the finest standards of Haute Horlogerie. All the international customer services have an approved level of certification which guarantees their expertise, and the type of complications they can work on. These skills centres are your point of contact for any question relating to your watch, for a full service, or for a selected fraction of the full service. Any repair undertaken outside of these service centres will invalidate the warranty.

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Maintaining your watch

Your Parmigiani Fleurier timepiece has been created to meet the most rigorous Haute Horlogerie standards, as practised within an independent manufacture with complete control over the watchmaking processes. Performing simple maintenance will help ensure it runs flawlessly over time.

  1. Wind the movement before wearing when the power reserve is low. For an automatic watch, twenty turns clockwise with the crown pushed in is sufficient.
  2. Clean your watch using simple methods, buffing it with a soft cloth to return its lustre.
  3. The magnetic fields which surround us every day are the leading cause of disruption to the watch's accuracy. A few seconds on a demagnetising device at your closest retail store is sufficient to cancel out ambient fields.
  4. Never expose your watch to extremes of temperature, such as are found in a car in direct sunlight, for example, as this will dry out the lubricants used in the movement to ensure its reliability.

Servicing your watch

Your watch is unique, designed to measure the passage of time without error. The certified Parmigiani Fleurier after-sales service network ensures that this is the case. Every 4 to 6 years, a full service is recommended to refresh the functions of your watch and ensure its long service life. In the interim, a small fraction of the full service may be suggested to return a specific aspect of your watch to its original condition.

Discover the steps in a full service.

  1. Identification and diagnostic
    When it arrives at a certified Parmigiani Fleurier after-sales service centre, your watch is identified using its unique serial number, which allows its history to be logged. The watchmakers start with a full diagnostic of the piece, listing the interventions to be performed. A detailed quote is sent to you, highlighting the essential work and the optional interventions, although everything is subject to your agreement.
  2. Dismantling and cleaning
    The movement is uncased, then completely dismantled, down to the last component. A watch movement contains between 150 and 750 components, and each of these is cleaned using special technology, comprising a series of baths and ultrasonic equipment. This cleaning process will clean each component before it's reassembled.


  3. Inspection and replacement of components, as needed
    Each component is inspected in detail. If there are any signs of wear, or if a technical improvement has been made to the mechanism since it was last serviced, all the components needed are replaced and updated.
  4.  Lubrication
    Only a tiny amount of high quality lubricant is needed to keeping your watch running in peak condition. For each movement, up to nine separate types of oil are applied at uniform points. There are between 50 and 150 precise lubrication points per watch – each of these is essential to its operation.

  5. Adjusting the movement
    The movement in your timepiece is reassembled with the utmost care and attention paid to the regulating organ and all the functions surrounding it. Each step in the reassembly process is subject to strict reliability checks.
  6. Reassembly and polishing
    Once the movement has been reassembled and its reliability ensured, it is cased back up with care. The surface crystal is replaced if applicable and rigorous polishing returns a beautiful sheen to the case.

  7. Water resistance tests
    Reassembly necessarily includes ensuring the case remains water-resistant. This is checked using a high-pressure machine.

  8. Final quality control
    After every full service, the timepiece is subject to a final quality control to test all of its functions and the regularity of its rate over the course of several days. The reliability of a Parmigiani Fleurier watch resulting from this service is then guaranteed.
  9. Two-year service warranty
    After every full service, your watch is granted a two-year warranty extension on the work that was carried out.

Fun facts

  • 43,800 hoursthe number of hours a watch runs for between two full services, 5 years apart
  • 864,000the number of oscillations completed by the regulating organ of a 5 Hz movement each day
  • 9the number of different, highly specific oils used to lubricate a movement
  • 50the number of screws contained in the integrated chronograph movement of the Tonda Chronor Anniversaire